Here you can see the latest updates.

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10-23-2014: Fixed some minor details.

04-17-2014: Certificate for Atlantean Healing has been added and
I'm also a Certified Advanced Angel Card Reader under 'Certificates'.
Also added new sessions you can book under 'Prices'

04-04-2014: Some more testimonials in 'Reviews'

11-21-2013: The guestbook is up and running again Smile

11-18-2013: Reiki Step 2 Certificate added under 'Certificates'.
This means that you now can book a session to recieve healing on distance.
The guestbook is down for maintenance so please send your testimonials
to my email adress at info@angelhealing.se for the time being.
Hopefully it will be up and running soon again.

11-05-2013: A link to my Facebook page and some more testimonials.

10-22-2013: A new Certificate added under 'Certificates'.

10-20-2013: Fixed the guestbook so it fills the whole page beneath the Menu.

10-17-2013: Fixed small things like links wich didn't open right when clicked on.

10-17-2013: New page about the Archangels and what they represent.

10-16-2013: Website finished and uploaded to the web.