Here you can read previous client's thoughts and reactions to the sessions I've had with them.
I'm always very happy and grateful for every positive feedback and that you chose me to guide and/or heal you.

More testimonials will come over time.


From Zlatko:

"The reading I had with Therece was great!
It was comforting, joyeous and peaceful.
She amazed me by saying things about my current process that only I know about.
Therefore giving me extra confimations and insights all the way throughout the session,
It made me feel even more confident and strong by recieving the messages she told me about.
Thank you Therece!"


From Cina:

"Me and a friend visited you and we both recieved healing and are very content!
I got this wonderful amazing feeling that I`ll soon will be rid of my 'garbage', to in the next
second feel stronger than I ever did before.
THAT WONDERFUL FEELING I had after the healing session I try to bring with me.
It was just wonderful!!
I know now that I'm on the right path and the new path that will come is adventurous.
Thank you for taking away the garbage I carried.
Your healing has released a lot for me and I will be back soon :)
A tip for you who are thinking about if healing is something for you, try it!
You may need some sessions to help you release your 'garbage',
but how much lighter you'll feel afterwards!!!"


From Frida:

"Wow, wow, wow! You can truly recognize yourself!
Please continue with what you do, you´re amazingly good.
For you who haven´t tried to ask for her help, please do! 
You´ll be amazed over the answers!
Hugs Frida."


From Anna-Karin:

"Your lovely personality to help others and through your gift it has given me an amazing
magical meeting with some scary spot on things that are totaly unforgettable =)
I was really moved by our meeting and will never forget it =)
I also want to point out that I have been to other mediums before, but they have been
far from what your have delivered to me =) You´re a 100% spot on =)
From being very skeptical from earlier mediums, until we met, it has opened up an entirely
new magical world for me =)
Thank you so much!
Wish you all the best.
Big Hugs from Anna-Karin"




From Emma:

"Thank you for the unforgettable reading. Even though it was tough you made
me look at myself from a different angle. What came up I have with me.
So educational, think that after so many treatments and counselling with psychologists
we couldn't find the base of the problem. YOU helped me with that!
Now we're gonna 'treat the lump'.


From Annika:

"I must say that you're VERY good at what you do!"


From Caroline:

"I was at your place on the 14:th of September together with my mom.
A visit we both will talk positively about for a long time.
We will be back!"


From Jane:

"The reading was AMAZINGLY accurate.
I sooo appreciate your reading and I like your style. You covered
all the information in a concise, loving way, gently
and with a bit of humor as well!"


From Pixie:

"Wow Therece. I have tears in my eyes. This was just the reading I needed.
Thanku Thanku Thanku big time lovely soul."


From Roberta:

"Dearest Therece, you are a very gifted lady and I have no doubt that
your spiritual journey is your Divine lifes purpose. Your reading was very accurate
for what is occuring. Yes I have always been a good listener... I do have
a keen knowing of what people need to hear at the right time
Thank you so much for my reading.
Love and Angel Blessings to you."


From Andrea:

"First of all, thank you so much.
Your reading is wonderful, absolutely spot on and I had no doubt about it because
I could see your sensitivity and intuition even if I was blind!
Your reading is so accurate that it literally brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you oh so much for the wonderful gift, dearest Therece!
I'm deeply grateful for the amazing job you've done.

Andrea :)"

From Dominique:

"Thanks I loved the reading.
It was great to read someone else's view on things and so clear, I will
process this carefully and work with the issues seen.
Thanks so much for your reading.

From Diane:

"Thank you so much for a wonderful 'spot on' sense of me, what's going on
and for a very accurate reading with a happy ending"