Angels are lightbeings who works on the Other Side and can help us with different problems,
obstacles or just be there and support whenever you need it. They have never lived a life here on Earth.

If you want help from the angels you have to give them permission to do so by asking them. They can never
interfere with the free will. Angels have been documented for ages. They're mostly known in
religious relations such as the Bible, etc, but in all times there's descriptions about strange lightbeings
who comes with positive energy and helps you in difficult situations.

One often speaks of quardian angels when you have had a severe accident and didn't get hurt.
We also have at least one personal guardian angel or spiritual guide. You can connect with yours though meditation.

The Archangels are the most significant lightbeings and here's a short description of each one
and what they represent and can help you with.


Ariel: Ariel is the Archangel of the planet Earth. She also works with giving healing to animail. Call upon Ariel to recieve help with the environment or help with healing an animal. She can also help you get contact with the fairies. The name Ariel means God's Lion/Lioness

Azrael: Azrael is often called the angel of death since he often meet people at the end of their live and escorts them to the Other Side. He helps them feel loved and safe and he also helps priests and other spiritual leaders. The name Azrael means helper of God.

 Chamuel: Chamuel can help us find new relationships, friends, work, love or to find a lost object. When you've found what you've seeked he helps you to keep it. Call upon Chamuel to recieve help with repairing different situations in all types of relationships such as work or family. The name Chamuel means he who sees God.

Gabriel: Gabriel is the Archangel of messages and communication and helps for exaple authors or journalists. Call upon Gabriel to recieve help with different forms of communication. The name Gabriel means God is my strength.

Haniel: When you want to feel the contact with the Univese, for example when you're going to give a lecture, meet someone for the first time, a jobinterview, etc you shall call upon Haniel. The name Haniel means God's bliss.

Jeremiel: Jeremiel inspires and motivates us to work with healing or other spiritual work. Call upon Jeremiel when you feel that you're stuck on your spiritual path or to help you feel enthusiasm over your spiritaul path or spiritual work.The ma,e Jeremiel means God's grace.

Jophiel: Jophiel is the Archangel of the artists. She can help you when you're about to start new projects or resolve your thoughts so you can feel the peace within yourself. The name Jophiel means God's beauty.

Metatron: Metatron works together with Mother Mary to help the childern, both on Earth as well as on the Other Side. Call upon Metatroon when you need assistance with your children. Metatron also helps younger people to open upp for their spiritual conscousness. The name Metatron means the Angel of presence.

Michael: Michael is the Archangel who helps us letting fears go and gives us courage to change. He's the protector of the police and he gives us strength to follow our own truth. Call upon Michael if you feel afraid or confused. He can also help you with problems concerning mekanic and/or electrical things. The name Michael means he who is like God or he ho looks like God.

Raguel: Raguel is the Archangel of justice. Call upon him when you feel run over or manipulated. Raguel helps you through and gives you guidance to how you're goin to get your balance back in different relationships. You can also call upon Raguel to help someone else who you feel had been unfairly treated. The name Raguel means God's friend.

Raphael: Raphael is the Archangel of healing. Call upon Raphael when you, an animal or someone else is ill. Ask Raphael to assist you when you work with healing. He also protects people who are traveling. The name Raphael means God heals

Raziel: It's said that Raziel is so close to God that he can hear all Divine conversations about Univeral secrets and mysteries. Call upon Raziel when you want to understand esoteric material or to recieve help manifesting. The name Raziel means God's secret.

Sandalphon: Sandalphon is the Archangel of music and prayers. He assists Archangel Michael clearing fears and effects of fears. Put on atmospheric music and call upon Sandalphon to release spiritual confusion. The name Sandalphon means brother since he's Metatron's twin brother.

Uriel: Uriel sends his light to problematic situations that gives us strength to find solutions. Call upon Uriel when you feel that you're stuck in a situation where you need to think clearly to find answers. The name Uriel means God is light.

Zadkiel: Zadkiel helps us reach freedom through forgiveness and hes know as the Archangel of those who forgives. Call upon Zadkiel to recieve help with letting go of toxins from anger and a inability to forgive yourself and other people. Zadkiel helps us to see other people with love and understanding instead of judging. The name Zadkiel means God's justice.

Source: "Messages from your angels - What your angels want you to know" by Doreen Virtue, Ph D