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My name is Therece and I'm 39 years old. I live in the south part of Sweden with my fiancé and our three cats.

As long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the unknown and I've always believed that we have souls that never die and that the Angels are always there to help us whenever we need it.
In nature everything has its cycle it's only natural that we too have a cycle. A life cycle called reincarnation. Imagine your body being a car. Sooner or later that car is gonna get old and stop functioning so you'll need to get an another one to be able to get around. So the car is new but the driver is the same. Just like our bodies that needs to be changed every now and then. Our soul is the driver that always are the same, only with new experiences and knowledges from our lifetimes even though we don't remember them.

Ever since I was very young I knew things before they happened. I had dreams at night that later came true. Since I was a child I didn't understand all things I saw or dreamt about, so I got scared of it. Also who would believe me if I said something?

As I got older my curiosity awakened (mostly because I lived on several places that whas haunted) and I started reading books on the subject and for about 15 years ago or so I bought my first Tarot deck. My selfconficence was too low to give readings to others, but I did it on myself several times. When I started to give readings to others I did it with close friends and what I got was always right. Also I have given greetings from the Other Side to friends who had loved ones who had passed away.

The years went by and a dream started to surface. A dream about giving readings, guidance and psychic insights to people who needed help or reassurance for a living. However the courses I wanted to attend to was too expensive and too far away so I let that dream be for several years until about the year 2010.

That year a psychic medium showed up on the Swedish TV in 'Det Okända'. He looked like an angel with golden curly long hair and his energy jumped at me from the TV. Instantly I knew that one day him and me would meet. His name was Birkan Tore.

Three years went by without any change. So in February 2013 there was a course. Intuition Intensive Workshop and the teacher was Birkan Tore. So we did meet just as I knew three years before.
That three day course helped me a lot with my selfconfidence about giving readings and trusting the symbols and feelings I saw and got during a reading. Then I really knew I didn't imagine things.

Some months later I attended Angelic Mediumship Certification with the same teacher as before.
After that I really started getting out there telling people what I worked with and I felt such happiness!

Birkan and me
Birkan and me

Birkan's sister Ersin, me and Birkan
Birkan's sister Ersin, me and Birkan

Later on I attended Reiki Step One. That was only natural since I what I do is a form of healing when I give readings and connect with the Other Side. So Reiki was sort of the next step and since I got a invitation from a shopowner who also was a Reikimaster to attend it how could I refuse? That was a clear sign. My teacher here was Helene Lundgren a wonderful soul with a big heart. Undfortunately there was no photos taken that day.

Now I have also taken the Advanced Angelic Mediumship course with Birkan Tore, Reiki Step 2 with Helene Lundgren and Atlantean Healing with Birkan Tore.

Well. that was all I had to tell you about me.

Love and Light and I hope we'll meet!